New Report and Service on Internet-Supported Learning Trends

November 1, 2005

Just released! November 1, 2005.

What did we learn from working with over 40 higher education online initiatives over the last 6 months?

Plenty! We’ve released a 40 page summary report: Internet-Supported Learning (IsL) Self-Audit Study 2005: A Collaborative Approach to Improving Quality and Success. Read the executive summary.

Eight vendors/products out of over 43 listed in the study received a clear thumbs up from the participants. These were Blackboard, eCollege, Merlot, Microsoft PowerPoint, Respondus, SmartThinking, SunGard Collegis, andTegrity.

The participating initiatives represent approximately 120,000 online course enrollments combined per term, averaging about 3,800 online course enrollments per term. Initiatives benchmarked ranged as low as 125 and as high as 10,000. The IsL participants that have made their participation public are listed on the IsL study participant web page.

For those who would like to participate in the A-HEC IsL Study and receive quarterly updates on trends and vendor satisfaction, we have created a new service: Internet-Supported Learning (IsL) Trends. By participating in one simple survey per year you can receive all IsL reports, including new quarterly updates. Be part of the A-HEC collaboration – participate!