New Public Health Program at University of Maryland

October 20, 2005

University of Maryland Professional Studies


Large Numbers of Public Health Workers Near Retirement

College Park, MD — A recent report by the American Association for State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO) shows the average age of public health workers is now 47, meaning large numbers of workers are nearing retirement age.

Given the already critical shortage of workers in the public health field, this new data is causing widespread concern about a larger-scale shortage than previously imagined.

One of the main concerns is that the shortage of qualified public health workers could undermine terrorism preparedness.

The University of Maryland at College Park – one of the top Public Health graduate programs – is offering two new Public Health Informatics Courses; Public Health and Information Systems and Geographical Information Systems in Public Health Surveillance.

Competitively priced and requiring no ‘on campus’ time, the courses are especially designed for Public Health Providers.

Less than 1% of the public health workforce has any formal training in Informatics, yet this advanced skill is critical to the future of the field. With more Informatics-trained workers, we could expect more accurate population and epidemiologic research, more comprehensive approaches to bioterrorism, better public health preparedness and communication and an overall improvement in public health outcomes.

The new Continuing Education Courses in Public Health Informatics begin this fall. Gain graduate credit, earn CEUs, learn in-demand skills and improve your chances for career advancement and earning potential.

The new PHI Courses at the University of Maryland – Emerging Technology you need to know.

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