New Jersey School District Selects TeraGlobal Communications’ Collaboration Software

February 6, 2002

TeraGlobal Communications today announced that the Millburn Township School District will use their TeraMedia™ Collaboration software suite for several pilot programs in the areas of student development, staff development, and emergency telephone system back up.

TeraGlobal’s TeraMedia collaboration software is industry leading technology combining extensive collaboration tools with integrated IP voice and videoconferencing that provides users with real-time interaction and a one-room experience while engaging them in the learning process. This gives educators a way to extend their curriculum by bringing subject matter experts to the appropriate students without requiring students to deal with transportation issues and the associated loss of important time spent in their own classroom.

“We have been researching and testing many products over the last two years and no one else could provide what we get with TeraMedia,” stated Randall R. Rossilli Jr., director of Technology & Media Services for Millburn Township Public Schools. “Not only were other solutions too expensive, they couldn’t compete when it came to offering a desktop application that would work on equipment we already owned.”

Millburn has a lot to offer academically and now they do technologically as well.

Rossilli explained, “There are several focused areas where we are implementing TeraMedia software. These include special educational programs for our students, staff development and emergency phone backup. We have many extraordinary students in our enrichment programs that excel in a variety of areas. For example, a fifth grader can audit a high school calculus class from his or her school building. We also have bilingual students that require special attention in improving their English but also are given the opportunity to interact with other students that speak their own language in another school across the district. For staff development, using TeraMedia enables employees from across the district to participate in training and also provide feedback to the instructor. By using the TeraMedia Assessment tool, the instructor can ask questions, receive an immediate summary of the responses, and then address areas that may require further explanation. Because TeraMedia includes integrated IP voice, we are also able to use it as an emergency backup telephone system. In the case of a disaster, if the telephone system fails, we can still make calls within our system.”

“We are very excited to be working with Millburn Schools because they are an excellent example of a program with vision and follow through for their students,” said Larry Karagheusian, VP Sales for TeraGlobal. “Millburn has a national reputation as one of the top schools in the nation. They are proving how effectively using technology can raise learning standards and provide new opportunities for all students, but especially for those requiring specialized instruction.”

TeraMedia has a rich set of features for presentation, collaboration and assessment in the classroom. Teachers can give live lectures remotely, and accentuate the lessons with a wide variety of multimedia elements, such as video clips, audio clips, virtual reality scenes, graphics, and text. Integrated IP communications delivers a “virtual classroom” for distance education, letting students “raise” their hand and ask questions that the rest of the class can see and hear. Its Assessment™ applications automate the examination and grading process. TeraMedia eliminates the barriers that educational institutions have traditionally faced, letting schools and school districts take their faculty and content further than ever before.

About Millburn Township Schools

Millburn Township Schools of Millburn, N.J. is a district of seven schools ranging from education levels K through 12. The district is overseen by Superintendent Dr. Katherine Goerss and includes 4,040 students. Millburn High School was recognized in 1998 as one of the top three in the nation by The Washington Post and in 2000 by Newsweek Magazine as being 15th in the nation.

About TeraGlobal Communications

TeraGlobal Communications Corp. develops software for real-time collaboration and communication over computer networks. TeraGlobal’s TeraMedia® and Session™ collaboration software are industry leading technology combining extensive collaboration tools with integrated IP Voice and Video communications.

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