New Internet research software

June 6, 2002

4Developers LLC announces Net Snippets

2.0 – An Internet research software product that enables information specialists, researchers and individuals who rely heavily on the Internet for information, to save, manage and publish their findings in an intuitive and productive manner.

While the Internet is heavily used as an information source, when it comes to effectively saving, reusing and managing the information found, popular web browsers, including Internet Explorer, fall short. Thus, information consumers need to resort to non-intuitive methods such as Copy & Paste to a

word processor, printing entire Web pages or bookmarking. Net Snippets addresses this challenge by providing users with a unique working environment consisting of a broad menu of research tools, right inside their web browser.

Net Snippets allows saving specific information (text & images), rather than entire web pages, by simply selecting the relevant information using the mouse and dragging it to the Net Snippets environment. These information clips, called “Snippets”, are saved locally on the user‚s computer and can be edited any time using familiar editing tools provided within the Net Snippets environment. Users can organize their Snippets in hierarchical folders and browse through them conveniently without leaving the comfort of

their browser, off-line or on-line.

Along with every saved Snippet, the software automatically saves important bibliography information, including the original Web address (URL), comments inserted by the user and the date & time the information was found. Users can search through Snippets using a built-in search engine and easily

generate bibliography reports using Net Snippets‚ Report Generator.

Net Snippets enables users to share individual Snippets as well as entire folders with their colleagues. The program automatically packages selected information into one compressed file that can be sent using any e-mail program. The recipient receives the information in its original form including text, images and original folder structure. Since Net Snippets saves information in standard HTML, the receiving party only needs a Web browser in order to view and browse through the information received.

Net Snippets is optimized for educational institutions such as universities, schools and libraries for campus-based and distance learning purposes. The software’s unique approach to online research, appeals to educational institutions as it offers researchers a powerful new way to gather information and allows students to acquire information management skills.

Net Snippets runs on Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP and requires Internet Explorer 5.0 or above. The software can be purchased directly from the 4Developers web site at or by contacting The product is available in various packages; Single Licenses for individuals ($49.95), or Site License packages for organizations. A free 30-day trial version of Net Snippets is available at