New Higher Ed e-Learning Study Provides Unique “Self-Audit”

April 17, 2005

The non-profit group A-HEC (Alliance for Higher Education Competitiveness) just launched a new phase of the recently published and well received study, “Achieving Success in Internet-Supported Learning in Higher Education” (click here to visit original study page). The new phase is open to all institutions (click here to visit the new study phase page). Participation in this new phase is worth considering because it is based on the findings of the original study and provides a unique approach:

1. It provides each participant with a custom “self-audit” of their online activities.
2. It is suitable for an entire institution or an operating unit within an institution, such as a division of continuing education or professional studies, or specific college or school (e.g. business).
3. It allows and encourages participation from multiple respondents at the institution to get a balanced view of progress, including administrators, faculty, and even students.

More information and specifics are contained on the study web page at: . Sign up is very easy at

Participants will be helping advance the state of knowledge in the higher education community on how to improve both the quality and success of online initiatives, as well as receive audit information that should help them improve their own efforts.