New! Download Online –Special Report, Open Source Software: Ideals, Concepts, and Applications

July 12, 2006

In recent years, open source software (OSS) has come out of obscurity and more educators are using it for administration, instruction and evaluation. What was once only discussed by a few programmers and information technology insiders is now widely used by millions. Introduction of Linux operating system and its increasing acceptability by established computer companies, such as IBM, helped more than any other single event to bring OSS to the attention of the public. Full potential of OSS, however, is yet to be realized as more educators become familiar with it. This special Report:

    • Takes a broad look at OSS
    • Identifies its educational applications
    • Explains its strengths and weaknesses, and
    • Describes its future.

If you have heard of open source, but are not sure how it applies to your work as a manager, instructor, instructional designer, or information technology resource person this Special Report is for you.

You will learn why you need to pay attention to OSS; how it will help you as an individual educator, and your organization in general; and what you can expect of the variety of software that is available. Like any other technology, OSS has its advantages, and problems. This report, outlines its beneficial characteristics as well as how it may affect your organization adversely.

This authoritative report is based on research in a wide variety of definitive sources. You will see how leaders software development, education, and information technology think about OSS and feel about its current application and future prospects.

Farhad Saba, Ph. D.

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