New AT&T Video Gateway Enables Videoconferences Across Platforms

March 20, 2002

Basking Ridge, NJ – AT&T today announced availability of an AT&T

Video Gateway (AVG) service that enables companies using Integrated Services Digital

Network (ISDN) and Internet Protocol (IP) network technology for videoconferences

to easily – and without a major capital investment – interconnect participants

on both platforms.

AT&T Video Gateway service is a cost-effective solution that helps a business

manage a diverse videoconferencing network without having to upgrade its existing

videoconferencing system. Today, most businesses cannot complete videoconference

calls between ISDN and IP platforms, or between different IP platforms, without

investing in capital equipment that they must install and manage. AT&T’s

gateway node, resident in the AT&T Network, seamlessly provides the protocol

conversion between the H.320 ISDN-based video standard and the H.323 IP standard,

plus the call setup and routing necessary for proper call billing.

“The gateway helps businesses extend videoconferencing within and outside

their companies to enhance productivity and improve collaboration between employees,

customers and suppliers,” says Rene Marinich, AT&T director of videoconference

services. “With this service, businesses can future-proof their current

videoconferencing networks regardless of whether they’re using ISDN or

IP. AT&T Video Gateway service delivers an attractive package of capabilities,

including global connectivity, security features, ease of use and network management,

all with the reliability of the AT&T Network.”

The gateway service currently enables video endpoints to connect between circuit-switched

ISDN, the Internet and both Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and AT&T Managed

Internet Services. Other IP services are being tested for connectivity certification.

The AVG works with all leading brands of ISDN- and IP-enabled video equipment

and PC-based software and cameras.

It enables three types of calls: (1) ISDN-to-IP point-to-point calls; (2) IP-to-IP

or IP-to-ISDN multipoint calls, such as calls between companies; (3) IP-to-IP

point-to-point calls within a company. For both point-to-point and multipoint

IP and ISDN calls with the AVG, no port charges apply; only per-minute charges.

Other features and benefits include simple 10-digit dialing – no additional

access codes – from ISDN or IP endpoints. A portable “700” conference

number allows callers to initiate a videoconference from almost anywhere in

the world. A videoconference host can initiate a reserved or on-demand call

from an easy-to use Web site featuring simple online symbols to set up the call.

Directory features, such as a “favorites” list and a “recently

called” list, are easily accessed on the Web. And a Multipoint Call Unit

adds a level of security in ensuring that only authorized individuals can access

a videoconference.

The AT&T Video Gateway service adds to AT&T’s portfolio of videoconference

services that includes an Executive Video Conferencing Service for customers

who want call set-up, monitoring and slide presentation support throughout their

call sessions; a “reservationless” AT&T Video On-Demand Service

that lets registered users launch video calls whenever they need to without

a reservation; and a set of online tools to help companies schedule video rooms

and manage their video resources.

More information about the AT&T Video Gateway service and promotional offers

for the service are available at or by calling 866 634-ISDN

(866 634-4736). All of AT&T’s audio and videoconferencing services

are described at

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