NetDIVE Releases Oxygen web browser

September 8, 2002

This alternative web browser is finally here; it is called Oxygen™. It has been brought to the market, for free, not by IBM™, not by Oracle™, not by Siebel™, nor by Cisco™, but by NetDIVE™, a small private software company, not beholden to Wall Street, but beholden to the success of the global community and small businesses worldwide

Why is it so important for there to be an alternate web browser to IE? Why is this such an important contribution to the global community by NetDIVE? Because if there was not a real alternative to IE, then Microsoft would slowly but surely, little by little, develop the IE web browser into a toll booth for Microsoft and its Wall Street corporate buddies, to the great detriment of the global community and non-Wall Street backed (99.9%) businesses worldwide.

For example, if there was not a real free alternative to Microsoft IE browser, Microsoft could demand $5 per web page for each web page that would be rendered by its browser; without payment of the license fee your web pages would not render in IE. Or say you are a small hotel in a town in south of Paris or south Boston, when people would enter the name of your hotel in the URL field, unless you had paid $Xmill to Microsoft then the IE web browser would route the request to one of the Wall street based Hotel giants that had paid it $Xmill for this routing, etc. etc. Simply put, the possibilities for ways that Microsoft can tax you via the IE web browser for its own benefit or for the benefit of its Wall Street corporate buddies, which would happen if there was not a real alternative to IE, are simply infinite since the Web browser is The software, the gateway, to accessing the World Wide Web.

And to those who believe the US government would not allow such unfair tactics, dream on – the US government is in fact the biggest purchaser of Microsoft software.

So NetDIVE Oxygen web browser is that alternative web browser to IE and the potential toll booth that it may become for the benefit of Microsoft and its Wall Street buddies and to the great detriment of the Global community and millions of small businesses worldwide. You can obtain the NetDIVE Oxygen web browser, Windows & Linux versions, for free here:

We have done our part at a great expense to our company, it is now time for you in the Media to do your part. We urge you to inform your audience about NetDIVE Oxygen web browser. You will be doing them and yourself the greatest favor by freeing them from the future threat of not having an alternative web browser to Microsoft’s IE browser.

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