Navy E-Learning Recognized by E-Gov Conference

July 8, 2002

The Explorer Award was presented to the Chief of Naval Education and Training for innovations in the development and distribution of education and training initiatives used in the Navy E-Learning program.

Navy E-Learning delivers, tracks and manages more than 1,000 e-courses at no cost to the user for more than 1.2 million active-duty Sailors, Marines, Department of the Navy civilian employees, Reservists, retirees and family members of active-duty military. The program, which began May 2001, allows students to continue their education, training and professional development in information technology, leadership and management as well as several Navy-specific topics via the Internet.

“Sailors and Marines leave their homes, deploying around the world to protect and defend the nation,” said the chief of Naval Education and Training, Vice Adm. Alfred G. Harms Jr. “E-Learning is fulfilling many of the educational and training needs of military members, who many times are not able to go to a brick and mortar school because of the nature of the Navy’s mission. Through distance learning, we are able to take our training to the frontlines to support their professional and personal goals.”

The Explorer Award was accepted by Rear Adm. John W. Townes III, vice chief of Naval Education and Training.