National University Telecommunications Network Presents READY2NET May Program, & “NO STRINGS ATTACHED-WIRELESS & PDAs”

April 16, 2002

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No Strings Attached-Wireless & PDAs

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With your host…

CASEY GREEN- Founder & Director, The Campus Computing Project

Segment 1: Campus Wireless Deployments: Technical Challenges Scaling the deployment

of wireless technology across the university campus has matured over the past

two years. A number of major universities have begun to layer sophisticated security, authentication, access, and even mobility considerations into their wireless installations. The first panel joins four chief architects of wireless technology in a roundtable discussion to help the rest of us understand why their work is important to our ability to scale solutions across the university.

Senior technologists from four universities join us:

  • Jeff Gumpf, Case Western Reserve University
  • Charlie Bartel, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Doug Jackson, UTexas, Dallas
  • Dewitt Latimer, Tennessee

Segment 2: Making Sense of Wireless Technology – The View From Industry As wireless infrastructure becomes a utility in the university setting, the technology vendor community has new opportunities to deliver valuable services and applications that run on the shared wireless network. All over the world wireless is becoming the “norm”. As the paradigm shift hits education in North America, what are the form factors, the devices, the functionality and the services that

Higher Education can look forward to in the months ahead? We have asked a panel of leading vendors and industry experts to both share lessons learned from the market place as well as look into their crystal ball.

  • Anne Keehn Vice President, SCT
  • Mike Humke Director, Higher Education Compaq
  • John Fowler Director Sun
  • Mike Lorion Vice President Palm
  • Susan Brazer, President, Lionshare Media International

Segment 3: Campus Leadership and Wireless

Featuring four campus CIOs/CTOs in a conversation on the role of Leadership in the Deployment of Wireless. Is deploying wireless more than a utility offering to the campus? If so, what does wireless mean to leadership engagement, innovation, renewal? What impact does wireless have on faculty development and faculty relations?

What do IT leaders need from industry and from their technologists? What role do students play? Guests will also discuss the newly announced Wireless Institute, a joint project initiated by Cal State Monterey Bay and Western Michigan Univ.

Viji Murali, Vice President, CIO, Western Michigan University Tom Gaylord, Akron University Gil Gonzales, Interim CTO, Cal State Monterey Bay Lev Gonick, Vice President, CIO, Case Western Reserve University

Headquartered at Old Dominion University, the National University Telecommunications Network (NUTN) is a consortium of over fifty institutions of higher education and consists of professionals responsible for the administrative support and management of telecommunications networks, with specific emphasis upon distance learning and videoconferencing. NUTN is an organization that offers assistance and education to institutions making the adaptations necessary to survive in the information age.

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