National University Telecommunications Network: Call for Session Proposals and Award Nominations

December 13, 2000

19th Annual NUTN Conference


June 16-19, 2001

Denver Marriott City Center Hotel

Denver, Colorado

You don’t want to miss the 19th annual NUTN conference this year in Denver.

Be a part of this outstanding conference, cited by presenters and

participants alike, and marking it as one conference those concerned with

technology applications in distance learning and videoconferencing won’t

want to miss. NUTN is a premier distance learning and videoconferencing

professional association and consortium, involved in both professional

development and product development. Our conferences bring together

distance learning professionals from the United States, Mexico, Canada,

Australia, Israel, and Europe. The conference is offered by NUTN in

cooperation with Old Dominion University and corporate sponsors.

The theme for this year’s conference – 2001: A DIGITAL ODYSSEY – focuses on

the impact and ramifications of the new digital technologies on society,

institutions, faculty, and students. These technologies are changing every

facet of life. In order to reflect these changes, conference program tracks

will explore changing faculty and student roles, institutional change, and

social, cultural and economic impacts. We invite you to take part in the

“digital odyssey” – submit a proposal for an information session or poster

session relating to one of the Session topics (listed below).

Share your digital journey, and join your colleagues, distance education

administrators and practitioners, continuing education, higher education

and distance learning directors, academic affairs personnel, and

business/higher education partners as we travel through 2001: A DIGITAL



  • ABCs of Distance Learning

  • New Technologies

  • The Digital Divide

  • Changing Institutions

  • Blurred Boundaries of Campus and Distributed Learning

  • Institutional, State, and Regional Policies

  • Web-Based Policy Issues

  • Faculty Restructuring

  • Faculty panel: Application of technology in course development

  • Integrated Instructional Design Models with Multiple Technologies

  • Centralization vs. Decentralization ? Implications for Budgets

  • Intellectual Property Rights in the Digital Era

  • Online Student Services

  • Assessment and Quality

  • Global Program Opportunities

  • New Financing Models for Distance Learning

  • University For-Profit Entities

  • State vs. Cost-Recovery Distance Education

  • Outsourcing

  • Future Perspectives



For information about our 19th annual conference, please check out the NUTN

web site at or contact Joy Riach at the NUTN


at 757.683.6402/800.293.7679 or via e-mail at

Information Session

Share your knowledge and experience with your colleagues.

Sessions are 45 minutes in length and are scheduled for Monday, June 18,


Please submit a proposal that includes:

  • session title (indicate track and topic)

  • 25-50 words on session topic

  • brief biography of the presenter(s)

  • name, title, organization, address, phone, fax and email address of

    all presenters

  • session format (e.g., presentation, panel, group activity, facility

    discussion, debate)

  • who should attend this session

  • anticipated audio/visual equipment (Note: Live Internet connections

    will not be available.)

  • name, phone, email and fax of designated contact for this session

      Poster Session

      You are invited to submit a proposal to participate in the Poster Session

      on Sunday, June 17, from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Presenters will staff their display

      and will be provided with a table and electrical access. All other

      equipment, props, etc., are the responsibility of the presenter. Refer to

      session topics listed above.

      Presenter Information

      • Equipment

        If a computer or special equipment is needed, presenters must provide

        it. The conference will provide standard audio-visual equipment, but

        presenters must specify their audio-visual needs for the conference.

      • Presentation Handouts and Online Posting

        Presenters are expected to provide 50 session handouts at the time of

        the session. Presentations will be posted to the conference web site

        following the conference. Presenters are asked to provide presentations

        electronically or on disk.

      • Conference Registration Fee for Presenters

        All presenters are expected to register for the entire conference. The

        conference fee is $495.00. Individuals selected to present at the

        conference will receive a $95 discount on the conference registration

        fee for up to two presenters in a session.

      • Keynotes/Award Winners/Presenters

        In lieu of honorarium(s), it is a NUTN policy to provide major keynotes,

        one-day presenters, and the best research paper winner a complimentary

        conference registration.

        Information and Poster Session Proposals Due: January 19, 2001

        Information or Poster Session Proposals should be mailed/emailed to:

        NUTN Secretariat

        Room 134 Gornto TELETECHNET Center

        Old Dominion University

        Norfolk, VA 23529

        Tel: 800.293.7679, Outside the USA: 757.683.6402

        Fax: 757.683.6107


        Research Paper

        You are invited to submit a research paper. The topic of last year’s award

        winning paper was “Qualitative/Quantitative Research that Assess the Impact

        of Technology on Teaching and Learning” with an emphasis on recommendations

        for practice presented by Dr. Catherine Schifter of Temple University. The

        winner of the best presentation will be given special recognition at the

        annual conference, a $100 award, and a complimentary registration.

        QUALITY-CRITERIA for selecting the Best Research paper:

        (1) Level of clarity of the hypothesis/goal specifications

        (2) Level of scope and depth of discussion of relevant background

        (3) Level of appropriateness of the methods of research to the goals of thestudy

        (4) Level of appropriateness of sample size, given the nature of the study

        (5) Level of clarity of derivation of outcomes

        (6) Level of reliability analysis of the results

        (7) Degree of bias elimination or control in the research

        (8) Level of statistical description and analysis of finding

        Based on: B. Sommer, R. Sommer: A practical guide to Behavioral Research,

        3’rd edition, Oxford University Press, New York, 1991, p. 293.


        Call for Nominations/Applications NUTN Award For Teleconference Excellence


        NUTN invites nominations or applications for consideration by the

        TELECONFERENCE AWARDS COMMITTEE for award(s) to be presented at the 2001

        annual conference in Denver. The Excellence in Teleconference Award

        competition recognizes the work of individuals and institutions in

        providing teleconferences of a superior nature.

        The two essential elements of a successful application/nomination for

        consideration in this award process are the ability of the applicant to

        clearly state the objectives of the teleconference and documentation of the

        evaluation process that assures the results of the teleconference satisfies

        the objectives. Teleconferences will be rated on the following criteria:

        (1)Statement of Objectives

        (2) Documentation of Evaluation Effectiveness

        (3) Content/methodology/interactivity effectiveness and innovation

        (4) Technical production/quality/innovation and appropriateness for


        (5) Administrative issues such as numbers served (sites and participants),

        client satisfaction, fiscal viability, and the possibility of replicable

        and transferable techniques and methods.

        Each submission should be organized to correspond to the sections described

        in the previous paragraph. Submissions should be limited to no more than 5

        pages, typewritten, and additional materials are limited to three

        attachments. Full contact information for the individual submitting the

        application must be provided. Submission deadline for consideration is

        February 1, 2001, and applications will be accepted beginning January 3,

        2001 – providing a four-week window.

        Submissions should be mailed to:

        Jerry L. Hargis, Chair

        Georgia Center for Continuing Education

        University of Georgia

        Athens, GA 30602

        Call for Nominations/Applications For The NUTN Distance Education

        Innovation Award 2001

        The NUTN Distance Education Innovation Award is presented to an individual

        or groups of individuals representing a member or non-member institution

        that has developed an innovative program or practice that contributes to

        the field of distance education. The award for innovation may be in

        relation to a new program, an on going program, student or support

        services, pedagogy, faculty development and support or technology.

        Examples of innovation include utilizing a new technology or an older

        technology in a new way, incorporating a new pedagogy, developing a new

        approach to providing student or faculty support, or reaching a new

        audience in a cost-effective manner.

        Judging of materials will be based on the following criteria:

        1. How effectively the innovation responded to a stated need;

        2. The innovation advances the practice of distance learning or education;

        3. The innovation has a broader application and can be duplicated by other


        4. The innovation is cost-effective;

        5. The innovation can demonstrate a high level of student and faculty


        Submission deadline for consideration is February 1, 2001, and applications

        will be accepted beginning January 3, 2001. PLEASE NOTE: Nominees must be

        willing to present at the annual NUTN conference.

        Submissions should be mailed to:

        Edith Barnett, Chair

        Room 430

        Gornto TELETECHNET Center

        Old Dominion University

        Norfolk, VA 23529

        Joy Riach

        Administrator, NUTN Secretariat

        National University Telecommunications Network

        Room 134 Gornto TELETECHNET Center

        Old Dominion University

        Norfolk, VA 23529

        Tel: 800.293.7679, Outside the USA: 757.683.6402

        Fax: 757.683.6107,