National Symposia on Transportation

May 24, 2001

The National Symposia on Transportation are being hosted by the Volpe National Transportation Systems Center as part of its 30th Anniversary celebration. The Symposia will address three transportation topics of national interest: Public-Private Partnerships, Education and the Workforce, and Enabling Technologies.

The Symposia will bring together public officials, researchers, academics, transportation professionals, members of the financial and legal communities, manufacturers, vendors, and other transportation stakeholders. Speakers and presentations will provide valuable background information on the topics at hand, and will use real-world examples to illustrate innovative technologies and techniques. Discussion groups and question-and-answer sessions will provide opportunities for meaningful exchange of ideas and experiences.

The Symposia will be held at the Volpe Center, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Each symposium will last one and one-half days and will include a dinner reception.

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