National Coalition For Technology In Education And Training (Nctet) Launches “Will Our Students Make The Grade?” Grassroots Effort To Raise Visibility Of Education Technology In 2004 Elections

April 27, 2004

NCTET will run public service announcements in a variety of educational publications to raise the visibility of education technology in this election cycle and enlist the support of concerned students, parents, educators, business leaders, and education stakeholders. NCTET’s website,, will provide a list of activities and resources for raising election year awareness and driving public support for education technology, including a model letter to candidates and supporting resources that demonstrate the importance of technology in ensuring student achievement and success.

Those interested in taking part in this grassroots effort, Will Our Students Make The Grade?, can visit for information to help:

  • Educate public officials about the positive impact of technology on teaching and learning.

  • Encourage candidates’ commitment to providing technology tools for all students and educators.

  • Enlist your neighbors, your family, and your colleagues to speak up for our children.


The National Coalition for Technology in Education and Training (NCTET) is a non-partisan organization that examines and supports the use of technology to improve education and training in America. NCTET’s membership includes education associations, non-profit organizations, corporations, and individual participants. NCTET organizes policy briefings, conducts institutes, produces white papers and other research documents, and generally convenes stakeholders around timely issues in education technology