NASA and SCETV Bring Unique TV Series into Classrooms

January 15, 2003

Developed by NASA’s Langley Office of Education, the shows, “NASA Science Files,”™ and “NASA CONNECT,”™ enhance and enrich the learning of mathematics, science, and technology for students from grades three through 12. Approximately 18,000 South Carolina educators, representing about one-half million students, are registered users of the programs.

The third show, “NASA’s Destination Tomorrow,” is designed for educators, parents and life-long learners. The NASA award-winning programs were previously unavailable on the Internet. Using SCETV facilities, the streaming video will be made accessible nationwide to schools through SCETV’s K-12 educational portal.

“NASA Science Files”™ is a research and standards-based, Emmy® Award-winning series of 60-minute programs for students grades three through five. Shows are designed to introduce students to NASA and, through the use of science, mathematics and technology, motivate them to become critical thinkers and active problem solvers.

“NASA CONNECT”™ is a research and standards-based, Emmy® Award-winning series of mathematics-focused programs for students in grades six through eight. The series includes a broadcast designed to establish a connection between concepts taught in the classroom and those used by NASA researchers.

“NASA’s Destination Tomorrow”™ is a series of 30-minute television programs focusing on NASA research, past, present and future. Designed for educators, parents and life-long learners, each program in this Emmy® Award-winning series follows a magazine-style format.

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