More People Have More Access to Training with CES 3.2

August 21, 2002

SANTA MONICA, California, August 21, 2002 – CyberU, Inc., the leading innovator of corporate training solutions, today announced the launch of the latest version of its Corporate Education System (CES), a state-of-the-art, ASP-based learning and human capital management system. With CES 3.2, CyberU adds e-Commerce capability to its system and makes training content more accessible to employees at every level. Users now have the ability to get the training they want, when they want it.

CyberU has long provided quality online education to corporations looking to train their employees efficiently and cost-effectively. With the launch of CES 3.2, the same best-of-breed content CyberU leverages to corporations becomes accessible and purchasable to anyone within the corporate sphere. CES 3.2’s new ecommerce capability allows employees to purchase training individually, giving them the freedom to choose what they want to learn, when they want to learn it. All it takes is a credit card.

With this new purchasing option, CyberU opens the door for corporate vendors and contract workers, such as part-time employees and consultants, to get quality training as well. Now these individuals, who might not otherwise have access to online training, also have the ability to decide for themselves what training they need, and purchase it on their own.

“CES 3.2 offers employees a new freedom in choosing not only what they need to learn but also what they want to learn,” says Adam Miller, CEO of CyberU. “The new ecommerce functionality makes CES available to the entire extended enterprise. Now vendors, contract workers, and customers can join corporate employees in leveraging the power of CES.”

CyberU is committed to the expansion of online education, especially within the corporate sphere. With the launch of CES 3.2, CyberU further extends its incomparable training content to everyone within a corporation. Now, more people have more access to the training they both need and want. The new accessibility offered through CES 3.2 not only gives individuals the opportunity to learn more, but also gives corporations the benefit of employees who are constantly learning new things. With CES 3.2, corporations can further elevate the value of their human capital.

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