MOOCs and open education: Possible roles, pedagogical practices, personalization, and pending trends.

July 11, 2017

In this article, Professors Curtis J. Bonk, Mimi Miyoung Lee, Thomas C. Reeves, and Thomas H. Reynolds discuss the events that led to their recently edited book on “MOOCs and Open Education Around the World” as well as a special journal issue on this same topic. They reflect on the role of MOOCs and open education in the developing world as well as how content from MOOCs might be creatively and effectively be used in any course. In addition, they offer timely guidelines on the design and delivery of MOOCs. Suggestions are also made concerning cultural sensitivity and personalization of MOOCs as well as possible resources and perspectives addressing MOOC quality. Near the end of this interview, Bonk, Lee, Reeves, and Reynolds point to research methods that might help close the many gaps or unknowns related to the effectiveness of MOOCs, important challenges facing MOOC researchers and instructors, and future directions and societal changes that those involved with MOOCs and open education need to take into consideration. They end with a discussion of where their research is headed and possible new directions and advancements in the field as a whole. As part of that discussion, they offer advice for working as a team on such complicated projects as an edited book. They also detail the topics and goals of an upcoming symposium on “MOOCs and Open Education in the Developing World” which they will coordinate in October 2017 at the E-Learn Conference in Vancouver.