Miricle provides spreadsheet training tailored to company objectives

December 1, 2004

Miricle Solutions has launched its specialist spreadsheet training courses for the corporate market, specifically tailored to each company’s needs and business objectives.

Adrian Miric, MD of Miricle Solutions, says: “Before delivering the training we consult with the company and define the course parameters specifically customised to the company’s requirements. The organisation’s own spreadsheets are used as examples for the course material.”

Instead of the usual manner of supplying attendees with a file containing course notes, Miric provides a CD covering the entire course in video clip format, so it can easily be referenced at a later stage.

“This approach was received very well at Medscheme,” says Miric. The medical aid company was the first to enrol for Miricle’s training.

Hannes Boonzaaier, financial director for Healthcare Administration at Medscheme, says Miric provided the company with Excel training for advanced users, specifically focusing on data manipulation and the interpretation of large volumes of data in a spreadsheet, together with financial modelling.

“The trainees were all fairly proficient Excel users. Miricle analysed some of our data dumps and spreadsheets from our mainframe, looking at how we manipulate data, the process we follow and the conclusions we derive, showing us more efficient ways of doing it. The primary purpose of the training was to find a better and more effective way of handling the process.

“The users were shown better ways of performing the functions they do every day, more advanced functionality they can use, as well as troubleshooting, model design concepts and Excel tricks,” says Boonzaaier.

Some users have already derived benefit. “Data dumps are now being transferred into a pivot table and the information we can pull out of the table is more flexible than it was in our fixed reports, allowing the user to pull out whatever he needs to.”

Spreadsheet users can also download training modules from Miricle’s website They can either buy full training courses or – if they simply need assistance with one function – can download just that piece of information.

Miricle Solutions is a distributor of Spreadsheet Professional, an auditing tool that addresses the risks associated with and identifies errors generated by people working with spreadsheets. It also provides consulting and training to those involved in corporate finance, project finance, consulting, generating business plans or any other area that relies on spreadsheets. Miricle Solutions lists among its clients Sasol, Iscor, Ernst & Young, KPMG, Deloitte & Touche, Rand Merchant Bank, Nedbank, DaimlerChrysler Services (debis), Venmyn, Rothschild, Airports Company South Africa, QuestCo, Uthingo, South African Custodial Services and Exclusive Technical Services.

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