MindEdge, Inc. Reaches Agreement with New England College

December 22, 2004

WOBURN, MA, December 15, 2004 – MindEdge, Inc., the leading provider of online courses to higher education institutions, today announced an agreement with New England College (Henniker, NH) to provide a program of up to 28 online health sciences courses for NEC’s students.

”We are excited about the partnership between NEC and MindEdge and are optimistic that this will grow rapidly,” said Dr. Richard Keating, Director Graduate Studies and Enrollment, New England College. “We have great hopes for our online program and believe it can be a significant source of revenue for the college while providing greater access and convenience to our students.”

New England College offers undergraduate, graduate and professional programs leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Education and Master of Science.

MindEdge’s library of courses currently supports BA/BS, Associate, and advanced degree and certification programs in the fields of Business & Management, Health Sciences, Information Technology, and Arts & Sciences. MindEdge delivers its customizable course content through each Partner Institution’s web site and provides accompanying services including hosting, technical support, and instructor and student orientation to ensure high quality implementation.

“We too are pleased to be working with New England College. NEC, like numerous other institutions, recognizes the flexibility that online programs can provide and the reach they afford,” said Paul Robershotte, President and CEO of MindEdge. “Their students want courses that can be accessed conveniently and that provide content which will help them fulfill their degree requirements.”

About MindEdge
Founded in 1998, MindEdge is the leading provider of online courses and course management solutions to higher education institutions. Founded by preeminent educators from Harvard University and MIT in 1998 and managed by experienced higher education and technology professionals, the company is based in Woburn, MA. MindEdge is committed to strengthening students’ learning experiences and to improving the way the world learns.

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Contact: Brian Kelley
MindEdge, Higher Education Online