MindEdge, Higher Education Online Announces Certification Program for Online Ins

June 16, 2005

Developed by academics and practitioners of online teaching with a combined 40 years of experience, the program offers instructors immediate help in several vital areas: how to achieve an effective online learning experience; what design and pedagogical techniques are most useful for instructor and student; and how to engage students in discussion and other collaborative interactions for best learning outcomes. Another key objective is to provide guidelines and direction for effective online pedagogy — the fundamentals of online teaching and learning.

“Making online courses into highly successful learning experiences for students is both a challenge and a pleasure,” said Dr. Jane Sjogren, MindEdge Chief Academic Officer and facilitator of the online course. “Keeping students actively engaged is key to effective online learning. With that in mind, this course covers the basics of online pedagogy, ‘classroom’ management, effective presentation and delivery of content, and tips for efficient and productive approaches to online teaching.”

“This program focuses on the instructor’s role in facilitating learning online rather than on how to handle technology,” Sjogren continued. “Our emphasis is on stimulating student engagement, engaging and motivating students to learn online, guiding collaborative learning, customizing content using current and effective techniques, and improving online learning outcomes.”

The courses can be tailored to any major learning management platform and include a useful handbook published by Dr. Sjogren on the topic.

“Colleges and universities are excited to launch new online learning initiatives to meet evolving learner needs. However, many neglect the fact that excellent classroom instruction does not necessarily guarantee excellent online instruction. That’s where a modest investment in online instructor training can yield significant benefits for both the school’s online program and its students,” said Paul Robershotte, President and CEO of MindEdge.

Courses begin July, 2005 and will be offered periodically throughout the year. All students completing the program receive a certificate of completion.

For more information contact Brian Kelley, VP of Business Development, MindEdge at 877-592-8000 or at bkelley@mindedge.com.

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