Michigan Virtual University: New Options for Spring and Summer Registration

March 22, 2002

The interest in online learning is exploding, and Michigan Virtual University

(MVU) announces new options for spring and summer 2002.

Community college courses: The Michigan Community College Virtual Learning

Collaborative, representing MVU and 28 public community colleges, is now open

for enrollment in nearly 250 credit-based courses, most of which start at the

beginning of May. Students will find the courses at http://vcampus.mccvlc.org.

In addition, enrollment is open in many fall 2002 courses. Over the last year,

nearly 24,000 students enrolled, either through MVU or directly through a community

college, in courses made available through the MVU Web site.

Information technology and work skills: MVU announces a new Professional

Development Center with more than 700 self-paced, start-anytime mini-courses

in computer and work-related topics. Topics cover everything from word processing

to Web development to computer networking to office communications. Learners

can go to http://training.mivu.org.

Free courses: The Information Technology Training Initiative offers

the same courses as the Professional Development Center, above, free to students,

teachers, faculty and staff in Michigan nonprofit schools and colleges. Interested

individuals should follow the links through the MVU Web site at www.mivu.org.

Michigan Virtual High School: The high school is now accepting enrollments

for fall 2002 traditional courses, as well as spring and summer Flex 90 courses

for credit catch-up. Students must contact their school counselors to enroll.

For information on these and other courses, individuals can log onto the Michigan

Virtual University Web site at www.mivu.org

or the Michigan Virtual High School site at www.mivhs.org.

Michigan Virtual University (MVU) is a private, non-profit corporation founded

in 1998 to develop online education and training opportunities for Michigan’s

workforce and citizens, and is the parent organization of the Michigan Virtual

High School.