Mentergy Breaks Down Live e-Learning Barriers with Multi-language Versions of LearnLinc Virtual Classroom Platform

September 10, 2001

Mentergy™, Ltd. (Nasdaq: MNTE – news) announced its LearnLinc Live e-Learning division has released multi-language versions of LearnLinc 5 virtual classroom software, including German, Spanish, French, Chinese, and Japanese. LearnLinc is used by Global 2000 corporations worldwide for highly interactive live e-Learning classes reaching employees, partners, and customers in any country.

LearnLinc classes can be taught in German, Spanish, French, Chinese, or Japanese languages, while some students participate using the English version at the same time. This feature allows mixed classes of English and non-English language students led by one instructor. Global corporate customers have requested such mixed language classes as their training audiences become more diverse and their training demands grow.

Uli Schweizer, founder and president of learning application service provider netucate GmbH in Germany, has been using and reselling LearnLinc for over 3 years and understands the important implications of multi-language versions of global e-Learning software. “Although most of our users can speak English, the LearnLinc Virtual Classroom itself is a new environment, and making it available in the user’s native language creates the instant familiarity that allows us to deliver the high quality learning experience for our demanding customers in the insurance, finance, and airline industries,” said Mr. Schweizer. “It also indicates Mentergy’s determination to support non-English-speaking markets and emphasizes the truly global nature of this business.”

“Mentergy’s blended e-Learning solutions have been embraced by countries as diverse as Brazil, Japan, China, Mexico, Germany and France,” said Adam Stewart, vice president of Mentergy’s LearnLinc Live e-Learning division. “The power and efficiency of global live e-Learning is gaining widespread recognition each day and the multi-language versions of LearnLinc serve to expand the opportunities for multi-national learning. LearnLinc will continue to bring its customers the innovations that have made it one of the most prevalent and popular tools for live Web-based virtual learning.”

The LearnLinc virtual classroom allows a live instructor to lead and control a class of distributed students using audio conferencing, with the interaction and flexibility found in a traditional classroom. Interactive learning tools include instructor/student floor control, class coordination, synchronized courseware, application sharing, whiteboard, text chat, breakout groups, record & playback, polling, feedback and TestLinc (web-based testing & assessment). Firewall friendly LearnLinc classes can be delivered over the public Internet, private intranets, and local networks. LearnLinc was recently named Best in Class for Synchronous Learning Systems at the Web-Based Training (WBT) Producer User’s Choice 2001 Awards.