Mentergy Announces Designer’s Edge® Compatibility with Macromedia Dreamweaver

June 4, 2002

Effectively enhancing the instructional design capability of Dreamweaver, the extension integrates the Dreamweaver user into the training design team by enabling the developer to directly incorporate a remote view of the Designer’s Edge project content into Dreamweaver, which eliminates the need to work separately off of hard copy storyboards or through lengthy face-to-face review processes.

“Mentergy recognizes Macromedia Dreamweaver as a major player in the development of Web-based training and as a complementary environment to our learning-based design and development tools,” said Ron Zamir, senior vice president, Mentergy, Inc. “By creating a marriage between a leading industry Web development tool and the leading instructional design pre-authoring environment, we have created, for the first time, an integrated suite to drive instructionally sound Web development for Web-based courseware. By adding a significant communication and a work process vehicle to Dreamweaver, as well as the instructional design support, we believe we are able to significantly lower development time for content creation and allow teams across large organizations to work together to create instructionally sound content.”

The Dreamweaver extension for Designer’s Edge integrates a direct view into a Designer’s Edge project from within Dreamweaver, including the content outline, storyboard, and all storyboard-associated content created by the design team, to develop an instructionally sound Dreamweaver WBT course.

“With the new extension, the Designer’s Edge team can now work in parallel with the developer, leaving notes for the developer while he’s working in Dreamweaver,” said Carl Miner, Mentergy Inc. product manager.  “On the flip side, as the Dreamweaver user is doing his magic, he can define graphic needs, or leave his issues, concerns and questions for the design team as well.”

Pricing and Availability

The Dreamweaver extension for Designer’s Edge is immediately available from Mentergy and free-of-charge to Designer’s Edge users.  The extension can be downloaded by visiting