Launches Initiative to Protect Children on the Internet; Unveils ‘ Kids’ Web Site to Teach Internet Safety

March 28, 2001

SUNNYVALE, Calif. March 27, 2001 — (Nasdaq: MCAF), a leading security Application Service Provider (ASP) today began an extensive program aimed at educating Internet users about the dangers that children face while online. Earlier today, the Kids Web site launched in collaboration with Dr. Lawrence Kutner, PhD., Colin Hatcher, President and CEO of, and the San Jose Sharks, to focus on the protection of children through safe practices, parent/teacher involvement and technology. The site, which the company intends to grow into a substantial resource for information regarding Internet safety, includes classroom lesson plans that will be distributed to thousands of middle schools around the country. hopes to raise public awareness around Internet dangers that have increased dramatically over the past several years. Kids Web Site

The Kids Web site, located at, contains Internet safety and privacy materials for parents, teachers and students, including original information prepared by well-known child safety advocate Colin Hatcher, CEO of Provided on the site are guidelines for safe chatting, advice and lesson plans for teachers, information about cyber-stalking and child exploitation, and an extensive summary on child protection laws.

The vast majority of safety related problems encountered by children online are caused by errors in understanding on the part of the child and can be avoided, said Hatcher. If we ensure, through proactive education, that children clearly understand the issues of safety, privacy and trust when using the Internet, we will empower them to take good care of themselves while online. Sooner or later, our kids will be unsupervised in cyberspace, and thats when we need them to make wise choices.

For students, the site offers some important Dos & Donts of Internet safety and privacy, tips for making friends online, tips for chatting, Q & A for kids and teens and a graphically rich, interactive learning software demo that helps young people build skills, strengthen connections to others and reduce involvement in violence and risky behavior. Teachers and students will also be able to download a Dos and Donts poster featuring popular San Jose Sharks defenseman Bryan Marchment.

Guard Your Net!

As a further method of educating children, parents and teachers about the dangers of the Internet and what children can do to surf more safely, has collaborated with noted Harvard University child psychologist Dr. Lawrence Kutner, to create the Kids Guard Your Net! Internet Safety & Privacy program. The program consists of teaching materials, a classroom poster and a student guide with a Web searching exercise and crossword puzzle. The program will be distributed to middle schools around the country and also posted to the Web site at

As the father of an 11-year old son, I feel its critical that we find ways to defend our children against inappropriate or dangerous influences on the Internet, says CEO Srivats Sampath. I hope that parents and teachers utilize this material and that it helps to protect the safety of our children. This is the first step in our support for this cause and we will continue to enrich the site with additional information and resources while also building upon and improving our software services that assist parents and teachers in this effort.

Internet Privacy Service

Last fall, launched its Internet Privacy Service, which grants users the power to easily and selectively filter Internet content they want individual members of their families to view, send and receive. This technology is especially useful for parents who want a powerful tool to protect their children from objectionable or offensive content as they explore and interact on the Internet. will offer special pricing for its Internet Privacy Service to visitors to the Kids Web site during the next 90 days. Site visitors can sign up for the service for a 30% discounted annual subscription rate of $19.95.

Survey Finding

Results from a recently completed survey sponsored by, point to concerns teachers have over the many dangers facing middle school students using the Internet, from inappropriate Web site content to predators setting up in-person meetings with students. Compounding these concerns is the fact that middle school educators report that they feel conflicted, often encouraging students to take advantage of all the positives the Internet has to offer but worrying that online predators may take advantage of them.

Middle school students are naive for the most part to the possibility of potential dangers of exposing themselves and personal information about themselves to someone on the Internet, said one teacher surveyed. They don’t fully understand the possible consequences of their actions. Yet many are left unsupervised to surf the Internet at their leisure without any parental or adult control and this disturbs me.

One important issue mentioned in comments by educators taking the survey has to do with the gullibility of middle schoolers: if its in print or on a computer screen, they believe it, said Dr. Kutner. This is a matter of normal child development, but it also puts children this age at greater risk, since theyre old enough to access the Internet but are not yet thinking in a sophisticated manner.

In response to the survey results and recent reports of cyber crimes targeting children, created the Kids Guard Your Net! program and distributed Internet safety and privacy classroom materials to more than 3,000 Middle Schools nationwide. For more information about the survey, or to view the survey findings, please visit:


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