MathML Added to Question Mark Perception Assessments

March 16, 2001

STAMFORD, CT — Mathematical and scientific formulae, created in MathML, can now be easily incorporated and displayed within web-based assessments following the integration of Design Science WebEQ software into the Question Mark Perception testing and assessment software suite. MathML is a powerful language for encoding mathematics in Web pages. For a sample quiz utilizing this technology, visit

“Design Science have an outstanding way to produce and display math symbols, and we have an excellent item banking and reporting system,” said Question Mark President Eric Shepherd. “By combining these systems we can enable users to organize math items, present them in a browser or on a Windows desktop, capture the results, and then report on how students have performed.”

About WebEQ, MathML, and Design Science

WebEQ is a complete suite of tools for building dynamic math Web pages. It includes the WebEQ Equation Editor and Page Wizard for authoring MathML, a scriptable Math Viewer applet for displaying dynamic math in Web pages, an Equation Input Control for entering math expressions into Web forms, and a command-line version of the Page Wizard that can be used from CGI scripts or other server software to process MathML for a wide range of dynamic math Web applications.

MathML stores information about the logical structure and meaning of equations as well as their appearance. Although its original purpose was to provide a way for marking up mathematics in Web pages, MathML has begun to influence the way mathematics are shared between all kinds of math and science applications.

Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Long Beach, California, Design Science, Inc. develops software for publishing mathematical notation in print and Web-based technical documents and for building Web pages with dynamic math. Visit or call (800) 863-3950 or +44-0-203-358-3950.

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