Luminis Content Management Suite 3.1 Helps Decrease the Burden on IT Staff and Puts The Power Of The Portal Into the Hands of Non-Technical Users

July 29, 2005

MALVERN, Pa. July 28, 2005 — SunGard SCT, an operating unit of SunGard (NYSE:SDS), today announced availability of the new SCT Luminis Content Management Suite version 3.1. The release helps make it easier for colleges and universities to keep Web content fresh and relevant without taxing the IT department. The new Automated Luminis Channel Creation (ALCC) feature automates portal channel creation, helping non-technical users to create channels and maintain Web properties.

“Access to timely, accurate information is essential for facilitating business operations and providing an outstanding campus experience,” said David Murray, vice president, SCT Luminis Products at SunGard SCT. “This next generation of the SCT Luminis Content Management Suite helps put the power of the portal into the hands of non-technical staff to help enhance communication with constituents and frees IT staff to focus on other campus IT needs.” The SCT Luminis Content Management Suite is a key component of the SCT Luminis product family.

The SCT Luminis Content Management Suite provides easy-to-use channel building, content and publishing tools based on Documentum’s enterprise-class Web content management technologies. SunGard SCT has taken this proven foundation and tailored its features and functionality to help meet the unique needs of higher education. Heightened integration and synchronization between SCT Luminis Content Management Suite 3.1 and the SCT Luminis Platform helps an institution’s non-technical content contributors and publishers easily:
· Define where channels should be categorized within the Luminis Platform and identify which user roles will be authorized to subscribe to them.
· Link content to preserve consistency and eliminate the need for repetitive updates. Modifications are automatically updated across all internal and external Web properties residing in the SCT Luminis Platform.
· Share content to help reduce duplication of creation efforts. Content can be stored in shared folders within the SCT Luminis Platform making it readily accessible for use on the public Web site, an employee-accessible intranet, or other publishing configuration. “The SCT Luminis Content Management solution is helping us to significantly increase the value of our external and internal Websites by enabling us to put the control of our Web content back into the hands of the content managers,” said Alison Rothera, acting head Web services, the University of Nottingham. “The easy-to-use ‘what you see is what you get’ (WYSIWYG) templates help make formatting, making corrections, changing text and submitting updates fast and simple, and the Automated Luminis Channel Creation feature will further help enhance the ability of our content managers to better tailor content to the appropriate constituents.”

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