Los Trabajadores/The Workers Web Site Launch

March 24, 2003

ITVS and PBS present the documentary Los Trabajadores/The Workers and the bilingual companion Web sites, www.pbs.org/theworkers and

www.pbs.org/lostrabajadores. Focusing on the lives of Juan and Ramón, day laborers working in Austin, Texas, the film explores the myriad contradictions that haunt America’s dependence on and discrimination against immigrant labor. Los Trabajadores/The Workers by Heather Courtney airs nationally on INDEPENDENT LENS March 25, 2003 at 10:30 p.m. on PBS (check local listings).

Untangle the difficult issue of immigrant labor at the companion Web site. Highlights include:

Day Labor Quiz

Do you know what percentage of income day laborers send back to their home countries? Test your brain with an interactive quiz containing 10 questions on day labor workers, immigration and related issues.

Day Laborers

They clean and polish, lay brick and tile, build and demolish, wire and plumb. Learn the inside story about day laborers, their integral role in today’s economy and how immigration affects the labor landscape.

The Film

Learn the story of two men, Ramón Castillo Aparacio and Juan Ignacio Gutierrez, and the controversy surrounding the relocation of a day labor site—where they wait for work each day— from downtown Austin, Texas to a residential neighborhood.

Filmmaker Q & A

First time filmmaker Heather Courtney shares her thoughts about filming grief, changing people’s minds and leaping into the unknown. Get updates on Ramón and Juan and their families and glean useful advice from the filmmaker.

Learn More

Get links to organizations, books and articles on day labor and immigration. Download a comprehensive discussion guide that examines attitudes toward immigrants, the impact of globalization and the process of labor organizing.

Audience Award

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Share your thoughts on the program. Get involved in a discussion on immigration and day labor.

En Español

THE WORKERS Web site has been translated into Spanish. Lea la página electrónica de LOS TRABAJADORES en Español! www.pbs.org/lostrabajadores

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