LogiCampus 1.0 Released, Open Source Educational Platform

November 25, 2003

LogiCampus was developed over a period of six months with collaboration and feedback from administrators, staff and faculty infusing the development process. The system was built on the open source LogiCreate development framework, a product of Tap Internet, Inc., and is itself an open source project. What this means for an organization is the LogiCampus project is free to download, install and use at an organization. By using an existing framework to build educational applications, LogiCampus can be easily extended and adopted to fit into an organization’s IT infrastructure to provide a single-sign on experience for students, faculty, and different departments. Tap Internet will be providing additional commercial services for the free system including training, data migration, integration, and support.

LogiCampus provides a single sign-on for students, faculty, and staff of an institution and provides more than just a course management / distance learning system. LogiCampus provides the standard tools for faculty to create their online courses, process assignments, make tests and stay in contact with students. Students enjoy being able to easily see their assignments, lessons and other information for all of their classes. Staff benefit by other applications such as the built-in help desk, textbook requisitions, exam scheduling and faculty / course changes.

About Open Source
Open Source is a term used for a type of software development process in which the source code for a program is made freely available. By making it freely available, companies invite the contributions of other developers and users in order to improve the software for everyone, essentially distributing the development cost among multiple parties. Each party stands to gain, yet no single party has to shoulder the entire cost of development.

About Tap Internet, Inc.
Tap Internet, Inc. is a privately held Michigan-based company. Since 1999, Tap Internet has helped corporations and organizations of all sizes to significantly reduce the time and expense involved in managing their web site by migrating business applications to the web. Tap Internet’s flagship product, LogiCreate Application Server, provides businesses the capabilities necessary in the development, deployment and maintenance of today’s business-critical web sites. For more information about Tap Internet, Inc., please visit http://www.tapinternet.com and for additional details about LogiCreate Application Server 2.9 visit http://www.logicreate.com or the LogiCreate demo site at http://demo.logicreate.com. For more information about LogiCampus, visit LogiCampus.Com or the online project site at http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/logicampus/.