Lightspeed Introduces New XML-Based e-Learning Application and Content Delivery Solution

July 11, 2001

Lightspeed Interactive, Inc., a business in a superior content management and delivery platform that allows seamless integration with existing enterprise systems.

OmniSITE distributes personalized course materials to individual learners based on their specific needs and levels of competency, maximizing learning effectiveness, said Chris Pearsall, Sr. Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Lightspeed Interactive. Our advanced technology delivers the right information in the right amounts – no more, no less.

Lightspeed OmniSITE enables courses to be dynamically assembled based on an individuals job title, department, specific needs and learning preferences. This advanced personalization capability delivers tailored course information, eliminating irrelevant course material. As a result, time and resources are more effectively channeled toward revenue producing activities.

To get the most value from their e-learning investment, it is critical that companies have the capability to integrate existing applications, Pearsall stated. OmniSITEs database integration capability allows an organization to deliver a more complete e-learning program. Instructional objects can be used, reused and repurposed to educate, train, illustrate, and/or demonstrate information that is required for the end users specific job responsibilities.

OmniSITE leverages the power of Lightspeeds XML-based iENGINE to provide a superior content management and delivery system. This solution advances e-learning technologies and facilitates the reusability of a companys information assets, allowing organizations to take full advantage of information sharing. In addition, learning content is easily and cost effectively managed and readily output to the Web or to print for classroom material.

Lightspeeds OmniSITE is a cost effective solution that can be implemented quickly and provides immediate course availability. Joined with Lightspeeds iENGINE platform, OmniSITE promotes corporate knowledge, improves course retention and enhances sales effectiveness ensuring that a companys most recent course material is readily available to employees, partners and customers.