Lightspan Software Approved For Purchase With Proposed $41 Million California Education Fund

August 1, 2001

Lightspan, Inc. (NASDAQ: LSPN – news) announced Lightspan’s K-2 software for Math, Reading, and Language Arts have been approved for listing in California’s Legal Compliance Catalog, meaning schools throughout the state can purchase Lightspan Achieve Now’s K-2 programs using $41 million proposed for the state’s Instructional Materials Fund (IMF) for 2001-2002. Lightspan also announced today that the same software has been reviewed and accepted for listing in the prestigious California Learning Resource Network (CLRN).

Created in 1999, CLRN serves as a one-stop information source that enables California educators to identify supplemental electronic learning resources that meet local instructional needs and reinforce the implementation of the California curriculum framework. With the click of a button, educators around the state can locate and research the innovative Lightspan Achieve Now software programs that are proven to increase student achievement in thousands of schools across the country.

“Lightspan will be a great addition to the California Learning Resource Network,” states Bridget Foster, Director of CLRN. “Lightspan programs provide schools with resources that offer a systematic approach for teaching the standards with content that is current, accurate and scholarly. Being listed on the CLRN means educators will know exactly how Lightspan’s products correlate to California state standards, which is especially important in this period of increased accountability at both the state and federal levels.”

CLRN identifies and reviews supplemental electronic learning resources such as software, video, and Internet resources. The Network also identifies learning units or lessons aligned to resources and the state academic content standards, and maintains an interactive web site which provides information about electronic learning resources through an online searchable database, links to standards based online lessons and to state education technology projects and resources.

Lightspan Achieve Now, used in thousands of schools across the country, is one of the most widely-used Skill and Content Comprehensive School Reform (CSR) models eligible for funding from the U.S. Department of Education for whole school reform. It features an award-winning curriculum program and motivating, interactive software aligned to state standards. Lightspan Achieve Now software can run either on a PlayStation(R) game console attached to a standard television set or a PC, allowing learning to move from the classroom to the home – so both educators and families can play key roles in students’ progress.