Lightspan Signs $750,000 Contract to Deliver Online Assessments To All Richmond, VA City Schools

June 24, 2002

Dr. Deborah Jewell Sherman, Richmond Associate Superintendent for Instruction, stated: “In light of the student achievement and accountability requirements of the new No Child Left Behind Act, school districts such as ours will need to have real-time, accurate data on student achievement. We selected Lightspan eduTest Assessment because it has proven effective in school districts of similar size and demographics as ours. Lightspan also has the capacity and experience to help our district with a significant commitment to professional development.”

The Richmond city school division and Lightspan will immediately begin implementing the first phase of a multi-year schedule of staff development. More than 200 teachers will be trained in the effective use of Lightspan eduTest Assessment for the school division’s summer school program. In addition, Lightspan will begin working with the division to provide professional development to over 3,000 educators in July and August of this year.

John T. Kernan, Lightspan Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said: “Congress and the President have put billions of dollars behind the No Child Left Behind Act. Schools will be held accountable with new requirements to demonstrate sufficient annual progress in student achievement to be able to receive these funds. Lightspan offers school districts and states a proven, effective online assessment program that provides teachers, students, parents and administrators timely information on student progress. We are honored that the forward-looking educators in the Richmond city school division chose Lightspan as a partner in this important commitment to student achievement.”