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June 19, 2001

GeoLearning, Inc. recently announced it has been awarded a portion of a seven-year, $980 million program launched by the Department of Transportation under which federal, state and local agencies can turn for help when developing projects involving state-of-the-art technology.

The Speciaers to rapidly acquire a wide array of specialized or “niche” information technology services and support using a single, blanket contract. STATUS includes more than 100 contractors available to provide services in four technical areas: geographic information systems, artificial intelligence, wireless technology, and e-learning and learning management systems.

“STATUS is focused on the technologies and government/industry partnerships necessary for a mutually successful information technology future,” says Sam Petitto, ITO’s Business Development Manager. “Responding faster and more efficiently is a STATUS advantage in rapidly supporting our customers’ requirements, particularly at times when obligating funds and a fast turnaround are paramount. Our STATUS contract’s availability to federal, state and local government customers provides them with quick access to a wide range of services and support capabilities through a simple customer interagency agreement.”

STATUS, like its predecessor contract, Value Added Niche Information Technology Services (VANITS), offers the advantages of simplicity, accessibility and timeliness for customers and contractors alike. Available at their desktops via an Internet browser, the STATUS web-based system provides customers and contractors uncomplicated process flow, from requirements identification through billing and invoicing. “STATUS eliminates the bottlenecks historically associated with IT contracting, taking advantage of technology to speed up the acquisition cycle to a matter of days or weeks instead of months or years, says Petitto.

“We are very excited to be awarded such a significant government e-learning contract,” says Frank Russell, president and CEO of GeoLearning. “We’re anxious to introduce the functionality and flexibility of our e-learning infrastructure and show that our delivery platform is an ideal solution for government agencies at the federal, state and local levels.

Other major government e-learning systems GeoLearning has installed include the Defense Supply Center of Columbus’ DSCC Institute and the worldwide Staff Development Online Training Center for the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade.

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