Lienhard School of Nursing to Deliver Online Courses to Brazilian Nurses

March 27, 2001

Pleasantville, N. Y. – Pace University’s Lienhard School of Nursing (LSN) will

be helping Brazilian nurses develop their home health care expertise through distance

education. The Lienhard Center for Continuing Education recently teamed up with a

Brazilian home health care provider, SAVE Enterprises, to deliver the online continuing

education courses.

“New health care regulations in Brazil are driving sicker and sicker patients

from the hospital to the home,” said Judy Vallarelli, director of the

Lienhard Center for Continuing Education.

SAVE Enterprises, a Sao Paulo, Brazil-based forerunner in home health care, will

offer the online courses that will be translated and delivered in Portuguese

to their employees and market the courses to hospitals and other providers

within the Sao Paulo Nursing Council. SAVE and Lienhard joined forces through

Pace’s Center for International Business Development housed in the Lubin School of


“From the start our intention was only to improve our professional team,

but in view of the demand for qualified nursing professionals for the

Brazilian market, we resolved to enter into an agreement with Pace University’s

Lienhard School of Nursing to bring these relevant courses to Brazil,” said

Dr. Helen Vervloet, president of SAVE.

The courses will be offered in three modules, Basic Home Health Care,

Advanced Home Health Care and Pediatric Home Health Care. Nurses can register

and attend classes online.

“In Brazil, nurses don’t have too much free time to go back

to school, but they can turn to the Internet and get up

to date in nursing issues. Long-distance courses are very important now, and

I think here in Brazil it will be a way to reach

professionals who want to keep learning,” said Maria Antonia de Andrade Dias,

RN, vice president of the Brazilian Nursing Management Society and secretary of

the Sao Paulo Nursing Council.

The Lienhard School of Nursing at Pace University offers a number of

degree programs including the 4-year BS program; the baccalaureate completion program for

RNs; an accelerated RN/BS/MS for RN’s; combined degree BSN/MS program for non-nursing

college graduates; master’s programs in case management, family nurse practitioner, psychiatric nurse

practitioner, and nursing informatics; and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study option

in each specialty. The LSN also has three centers: The Center for

Nursing Research, Clinical Practice and International Affairs, the Center for Continuing Education

in Nursing and Health Care, and the Learning Resource Center, that enrich

the educational experience and support student learning.