Lguide Releases First Ever Evaluation of E-Learning for Safety and Health Training

January 17, 2002

Tacoma, Washington (January 16, 2002)– Lguide, a leading independent e-learning

research and consulting firm, today announced the release of a groundbreaking

research report "Safety and Health Training Online: A Buyer’s Guide."

The report aims to provide the best possible resource for any organization wanting

to investigate the opportunities for using e-learning to satisfy OSHA and other

safety and health requirements. It is the first-ever in-depth analysis of the

quality of online courses in this vital area of doing business.

Leading industry analysts agree that Lguide research is must-have for companies

that need to comply with safety and health regulations. Pacific Crest Securities

Senior Research Analyst Steve Lidberg says that "LGuide continues to be

the ‘go to resource’ to help companies make the best purchasing decisions for

training content. Their online safety and health training report provides the

first-ever independent, comparative analysis of the field and should prove to

be a valuable resource for any company that provides OSHA compliance training."

Safety and health training is both a requirement and a good practice for most

corporations. E-learning can now offer an efficient and effective means to ensure

that employees have the skills needed to work safely.

However, the quality of safety and health-focused online training varies significantly.

This report gives readers the information and analysis they need to make informed

decisions about how to use e-learning effectively to comply with OSHA and how

to choose the most appropriate course vendors for any organization’s needs.

Safety and Health Training Online: Buyer’s Guide helps you decide if e-learning

is right for your organization’s compliance training, and offers unbiased, authoritative

evaluations of the leading safety and health online course publishers. It is

another Lguide’s acclaimed series of e-learning evaluations, that industry analysts

have called "must-have," "objective and articulate," and

"tremendous assistance in developing and implementing e-Learning initiatives

more efficiently and cost effectively."

Report contents include:

  • What is OSHA?

  • Current Safety and Health Training Practices

  • Why use E-Learning for Safety and Health Training and OSHA Compliance

  • Barriers to Using E-Learning for Safety and Health Training

  • E-Learning for Safety and Health Training: Market Overview and Analysis

  • Course Publisher Evaluations and Comparative Analysis

Course publishers evaluated include:

  • Advance Online GoTrain

  • Kelly Scientific Primedia

  • PureSafety Summit Training

  • Syntrio Target Safety Training Online Vivid Learning Systems

  • ClickSafety Coastal Training Technologies Corp

  • Compliance Solutions Eduneering

  • EMU WorldWide eSafetyOnline

  • ESHconnect FirstNet Learning

  • Flying Fish

About Lguide

Lguide is the leading independent provider of e-learning research and consulting

services, helping clients develop and implement effective e-learning strategies.

Lguide offers unbiased, authoritative analysis of e-learning products and services

to enable clients to save time and money while making sound purchasing decisions.

Lguide has developed a sophisticated methodology for reviewing Web-based training,

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research reports Web-based training.

Leading associations and publications in the e-learning industry have come to

rely on Lguide as a definitive source for research and analysis, including the

American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), Online Learning Magazine,

and Training and Development Magazine. Recent consulting clients include Cisco

Systems, Washington Mutual Bank, the City of Seattle, and the State of Washington.

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For more information, contact:

Heather Muir

Director, Industry Relations, Lguide

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