Learntec ’04 Focuses On Globalization E-Learning

February 16, 2004

KARLSRUHE, GERMANY – Hezel Associates, an e-Learning research and strategic services firm based in Syracuse, New York, joined more than 15 North American education institutions and service providers attending Tuesday’s opening session of LEARNTEC ’04.

In his opening address, Dr. Walther Zimmerli, founding president of “AutoUni,” discussed the need for balance between technological innovation and creative applications, as e-Learning continues to gain broader acceptance within the EU. Defining Europe as “a European Union, not a United States of Europe,” Zimmerli views the use of technology and the creation of shared knowledge partnerships among universities, business, and learners as a critical component to globalization and regionalization of education.

For the third year, Hezel Associates, a LEARNTEC partner, has supported US companies seeking to establish their presence in the European e-Learning marketplace. “This year, representatives of more than 15 education technology organizations are represented at LEARNTEC,” said Dr. Richard T. Hezel, President of Hezel Associates. “For some companies, this is their first step into the international market. Their presence at LEARNTEC provides the opportunity to develop strategic partnerships for creating a sustainable presence in the EU.” As host of Tuesday’s European-North American e-Learning Business Forum, Hezel discussed the economic benefit of alliance building and strategies for finding suitable partners.

LEARNTEC ’04 Focuses on Globalization of e-Learning
Macromedia, Apple Computers, Hughes Network Services, Global English, Regis University, Blackboard, Inc., and Platte Canyon Multimedia are among the US organizations participating in LEARNTEC ’04. “Our goal during the conference is to better understand the European market and establish the relationships critical to the long term viability of an international e-learning organization,” said Jeff Rhoades, Chief Technology Officer of Platte Canyon, a Colorado Springs based learning management and add-on products software company. “Our initial results are very encouraging and we fully expect to meet or exceed our objectives.”

The 12th Annual LEARNTEC European Conference and Trade Fair continues through February 13. For companies and organizations interested in expanding into the European e-Learning marketplace, the annual LEARNTEC conference is the best place to start to gain a comprehensive understanding of Europe’s education technology goals and needs.

LEARNTEC is Europe’s largest e-Learning conference and trade fair. Now in its 12th year, it is held in the Karlsruhe Conference Center in Karlsruhe, Germany. In addition to educational technology, the conference addresses the use of technology in corporations and human resources fields. The lectures and workshops at LEARNTEC focus on e-Learning in Europe, the integration of e-learning in personnel development concepts, new implementation of e-learning strategies in companies, as well as e-learning projects of training providers. To learn more about participating in LEARNTEC ’05, visit www.learntec.net.

About Hezel Associates
Headquartered in Syracuse, NY, Hezel Associates provides research, evaluation and strategic services to clients in education, healthcare, technology and business. The firm has earned a distinguished national reputation as a leading expert in distance education research and consulting. Clients such as the U.S. Department of Education, the World Health Organization, Habitat for Humanity International, the Public Broadcasting Service and the University of Texas TeleCampus have relied on Hezel Associates’ recommendations to make strategic decisions and create and implement policies. The company was founded in 1987 by Dr. Richard T. Hezel, a leading research-oriented consultant in the field of education technology. For further information about Hezel Associates, visit www.hezel.com.