LearningWeek Conducts Special Live Webcasts Featuring Higher Education Faculty and Experts

June 27, 2001

LearningWeek Live, the first interactive weekly webcast featuring stories about the people, technology and business of learning today, will broadcast live from Vancouver, B.C. at special times on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

The live webcasts from Vancouver will include interviews with experts and thought leaders in the field of higher education, including faculty members, providers of learning technologies, and other professionals from a wide spectrum of learning institutions and organizations.

Among this weeks guests are Richard Katz, Vice President of EDUCAUSE, and Bill Evans, Operations Manager for Distributed Learning Technologies at California State University at Chico. LearningWeek will be conducting several other live interviews throughout the three days of webcasts.

Each episode of LearningWeek Live (LWL), which can be experienced at its regularly time each Wednesday at 1:00 pm EDT at LearningWeek.com, features a dialogue on a learning news story, a LearningWeek business report, and a special guest interview.

Guests and show topics are drawn from the worlds of primary, secondary, and higher education, corporate training, publishing, web-based instruction – anywhere concerted teaching and learning efforts are taking place.

The show concludes with the selection of the “LearningWeek Site of the Week”, recognizing achievement in providing access to quality learning in a connected world. The “Site of the Week” announced on the previous episode of LWL was “ExploreLearning.com” in recognition of their creation of unique, high quality math and science content for enhancing teaching and learning on the Web.

The format of the live video-based webcast, which runs 30 minutes, allows participants to offer their perspectives, ask questions of the featured guest, and recommend topics for future shows.

Among the guests scheduled to appear on upcoming LWL webcasts are: Casey Green of The Campus Computing Project, Juliana Lutzi of FIRE Online Training, Denise Easton of UliveandLearn.com, and Brian Mikesell of St. Johns University Libraries.

Schedule and special program info for this week and subsequent episodes can be found on the LearningWeek.com website.

Sponsorship of the weekly show is provided by HorizonLive.com, Inc., Distance-Educator.com, Inc., and The Employment Channel. Registration for events is free of charge at LearningWeek.com.

For additional information, visit LearningWeek.com or email learningweek@learningweek.com