Learning Technology: Volume 5 Issue 2, April 2003

May 1, 2003

From the editor ..

3rd IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT 2003)

2nd IEEE International Workshop on Wireless and Mobile Technologies in Education (WMTE 2003)

Global Public & Private Partnership Platform for Mobile Learning Technologies

Evaluating the effectiveness of using a wirelessly connected PDA to deliver the functionality of a VLE – A pilot study at the University of Bristol (Andy Ramsden)

Towards implementing m-learning support for first year students at KingstonUniversity (Andy Stone, Jonathan Briggs, and Tom Smith)

Time, Learning, and Collaboration: Issues for Use of a Mobile Wireless Laptop Computer Lab (Anne Bliss, Ph.D. and Anne Heintzman, M.A)

Distance Technology in Preservice Teacher Training (Paul Chamness Miller, JoAnnPhillion, and James Lehman)

Pocket University – Mobile Learning in Distance Education (Birgit Bomsdorf, Birgit Feldmann, and Gunter Schlageter)

Field Computing: Deploying Applications Away from the Teaching Labs (W. Brett McKenzie)

Handhelds – The Wave of the Future (Carol Vesh)

Wireless School Network (C.Bouras, V.Papoutsis, C.Ntokos, A.Karaliotas, M.Paraskevas, and N.Drosopoulos)

Wireless by Design: The WSU “Boeing Wireless Classroom of the Future” (B. Craig Cumberland, Leonard M. Jessup, and Philip L. Kays)

An Open Abstract Framework for Modeling Interoperability of Mobile Learning Services (Giorgio DaBormida)

Are you a laptop school? (Jamie Sullivan)

The Project of Electronic Schoolbags in Hong Kong (Dr. Li Kei Chun)

Are mobile technologies an integral part of learning culture? (Louise Mifsud)

mLearning – Mobile learning applications in language learning and history education (S.Savvas, S. Sotirou, E. Malliou, Ellinogermaniki Agogi)

Byte-Sized Learning: Handhelds in K-12 Classrooms (Mark van ‘t Hooft, Sebastian Diaz, Susan Andrews)

Writing and Computers: Tasks, Tools, and Costs (Dr. Susan Crichton)

Improving Face-to-Face Learning with ConcertStudeo (Laura Dietz, Peter Dawabi, Alejandro Fernandez, Martin Wessner)

An Ubiquitous and Multimedia Environment for Education (EUME) (Xosé A. Vila)

Efficiency and Safety: The Role of Mobile Technology in Education (Dr. Robert T. Gulick)

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