Learning Technology Newsletter

October 28, 2002

Table of Contents

* From the editor ..

* Distance Teaching using SYIM educational environment (Avgoustos. A. Tsinakos)

* Transforming Greek educational High School Model using Systems Thinking Analysis (Avgoustos. A. Tsinakos)

* Online Course Design for MBAs (D’Arcy Becker)

* Experimenting with experiments: a new approach to audio laboratories (David Eustace, Andrew Gold & Anthony Ullmann)

* Three Criticisms of the Online Classroom: An examination of a higher education online course in computer-mediated communication (Jennifer A. Minotti)

* Student Technology Assessment at the Global Level (L.A. Henrickson)

* The Lab of Tomorrow Project: A Constructivist Approach in Science Teaching Through Emerging Technologies (S.A.Sotiriou, S.Savvas, M.Orfanakis, M. Apostolakis, B. Tolias, Ellinogermaniki Agogi, N.K. Uzunoglu, R. Makri, M. Gargalakos, P. Tsennes, H. Fischer, R. Tiemann, D.Draxler & C. Baber)

* LanguageMOO: A multi-user object-orientated domain for second language education (Mark


* Integration Information Communication Technology in a Virtual Environment (Susan Bandias MACS)

* Case Study: Exploring Student and Instructor’s Perceptions and Interactions in Online Classes (Noppadol Prammanee)

* Conference Announcement

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