Learning site goes `live’

January 29, 2001

A NEW educational tool is now at teachers’ and students’ fingertips, with The Advertiser Newspapers in Education Website going “live” today.

The website, an interactive educational resource, has been under construction throughout the school holidays and will be up and running by mid-morning.

Among its highlights is the opportunity for students to interview journalists, columnists and photographers online, and submit reviews on films and books for the chance to be published on the site.

It is also an electronic well of information for students interested in journalism as a future career.

A special section of the site devoted to answering such queries as how to apply for jobs, working conditions, job opportunities and tips for getting into the media can be found with a few clicks of a mouse.

For a small fee students will also have access to NewsText, an electronic database that houses all articles published in the newspaper daily.

Information about awards, such as the successful Young Writers Award, will be posted at regular intervals.

Students and teachers who log on this week will also find a preview of a competition that offers students the chance to win $1000. More details will be posted on the site soon.

Teachers can use the website to subscribe to Newspapers in Education, where they will receive discounted papers for their class plus the benefits of The Advertiser’s professional education kits.

Details of the kits and upcoming projects are also on the website. The site will be updated daily, and new sections and links will be added regularly.

Tomorrow’s Education liftout, returning after the school holidays, features details of the website and how it can be used in the classroom environment.

The website can be accessed by following the Newspapers in Education link at http://www.advertiser.com.au