Learning Objects

May 8, 2001

Objects of Interest

Learning objects promise a brave new world of easily accessible and individualised learning, made possible by the flexible deployment over networks of small, reusable components from multiple sources. “Wow,” you say, “if only we knew what on earth these learning objects were and how we’re supposed to make use of them, we may even have ourselves a few.” In the hope that you will, indeed, have a few and that this brave new world does not disappear in a haze of confusion and hyperbole, Clive Shepherd sets about here to provide a workable definition of learning objects and to explain how they just might make a difference to real-world training. You could call this an object lesson.

Objects of Interest

The Instructional Use Of Learning Objects

This is the online version of The Instructional Use of Learning Objects, a new book that tries to go beyond the technological hype and connect learning objects to instruction and learning. copy.

You can read the full text of the book here for free.