Learning Object Repositories in e-Learning: Challenges of Learners in the Saudi Arabia

June 26, 2013

The advent of the millennium has seen the introduction a new paradigm for ICT-enhanced education. Advances in ICT have led to the emergence of learning networks comprising people who want to discover and share various innovative technologies on a global scale. Over the past decade, there has been tremendous worldwide interest in the concept of reusable digital learning resources, usually referred to as ‘learning objects’ (LOs), and the organised content delivery mechanism for pieces of educational content, described as ‘learning objects repositories’ (LORs). These elements of e-learning are said to offer many benefits to learners. LOR platforms are rich in digital content resources, reusable, accessible and adaptable at any time or day. In contrast, as LORs in e-learning can have a positive effect on learners on a universal scale, issues emerge at a more microscopic level. This study investigates the challenges of using LORs specifically for learners in Saudi Arabia. It is hoped that through a detailed expository discussion, this paper can help to eradicate or at least minimise LOR obstacles and eventually support the development of advanced e-learning practices among learners in Saudi Arabia.

The European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning

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