Learning Electronically: Online Education from the Student’s Perspective

October 26, 2000

Live Webcast

1:00 p.m. EST

Wednesday, November 8th


Our next Viewpoint Webcast will highlight online education from the perspective of the student. What is it like to learn in an electronic environment? What makes an online student successful and what can be done to improve online learning in the future? In our upcoming webcast, we will be speaking with new and continuing online students from various backgrounds to hear their expectations and experiences. Join us in November for the next Viewpoint Webcast discussion. Join us at www.cite.ecollege.com


Gwendolyn Crenshaw

Gwendolyn is taking her first online course from the University of Colorado-Denver and will share her experience as an working adult and online graduate student.

Joleyn Larson

Joleyn recently completed her bachelor’s degree online with Montana State University-Billings and will describe her two years of experience as a full-time online student and mother of two.

Glenn Wallace

Glenn is a junior at the University of Colorado-Denver. He has taken more than eight online classes and will share his view of the development of online education since 1996.

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