Learning Design Engines as Remote Control to Learning Support Environments

September 14, 2005



Chapter 5 of the Learning Design book describes the operational model of a learning design engine based on the concept of finite automata with output alphabet. We rely on this event concept to include pre-existing learning tools in flexibe and rich learningdesigns.


We sketch an approach for the integration of complex learning environments in learning designs. Interactive learning support environments, such as argumentation or modelling tools are pre-existent and have a high potential when integrated in learning designs.

We propose an approach that aims at a clear separation of the learning design engine, the specification of the learning flow (as LD documents) and learning environments. According to its current state, the engine controls the learning environment with events (such as “start a new phase”), defined as a vocabulary for a set of environments, that are mapped to the environments’ existing functionality (such as “create new workspace”). Thus the engine remotely controls the learning tools while the tools can initiate state transitions in the engine on specific events in the tool.

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