Learn2 Launches the Professional Advantage Series

April 17, 2002

Learn2 Corporation (Nasdaq: LTWC), an open interactive multimedia e-learning provider, today announced the launch of its Professional Advantage Series courseware. Learn2’s Professional Advantage Series targets corporations and government entities that want to increase productivity and educate their workforce. This integrated collection of professional development

e-Learning courses meets a critical business need as companies are charged with

training their employees on communication skills, professional development and

employee conduct. Through partnerships with acknowledged subject matter experts

Learn2 has leveraged the experience and expertise of individuals who specialize

in various fields of business behavior, to develop these effective and engaging


The Professional Advantage Series courses were designed and co-authored by

experts who are recognized authors or renowned seminar speakers and business

consultants. Online learners are exposed to the same content that they would

obtain if they had read an entire book or attended a lengthy seminar. Many e-Learning

companies design their soft skills courses by gathering content from the public

domain. The Professional Advantage Series ‘ unique difference is based on the

expertise, research and experience, of credible subject matter experts in fields

such as communication, emergency operations and security, human relations, teamwork

and leadership.

Each course:

  • Takes approximately one-hour to complete and provides the equivalent of

    about five hours of instructor-led training.

  • Integrates with a broader curriculum, stands alone, or blends as a complement

    to the customers’ existing instructor-led training programs.

  • Includes evaluation tools that allow learners and their managers to track

    learner performance.

  • Adheres to stringent quality standards, consistent navigation and is based

    on an instructional systems design model, ensuring a level of quality and

    consistency within and among courses.

The courses launched this week include: Sexual Harassment, Time Management

in the Workplace, Violence in the Workplace, Active Listening, Communication

Essentials, Conflict Resolution, and Effective Feedback. Additional courses

that will be available in the second and third quarters of 2002 include course

topics such as: negotiation, interpersonal behavior patterns, business communication,

leadership, teamwork, and performance improvement. These courses are complementary

to the broad set of business skills courses offered in Learn2’s Professional

Development Library. All of Learn2’s business skills courses are designed in

conjunction with subject matter experts.

Learn2’s best-in-class, patented delivery tool, StreamMaker, enables learners

to view the interactive multimedia courses quickly, regardless of bandwidth

limitations. Similar to all courseware offered by Learn2, the Professional Advantage

Series courses meet AICC and SCORM standards and can ‘plug and play’ with other

vendor’s learning management systems.

"Our team has taken ‘best of breed’ content a step further in partnering

with subject matter experts for our Professional Advantage Series courses,"

said Robert "Bo" Ewald, Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors

of Learn2. "In addition to quality content, each course adheres to quality

standards, instructional design strategies and style guidelines. The results

are not only a higher caliber of courseware, but also a more productive and

professional work force, improving business unit performance overall. Our evaluation

tools enable clients to measure a return on their investment as well as the

training’s impact on business results to the company as a whole."

As the Company continues to broaden its course offering and co-author content

with industry experts, Learn2 customers will gain the best possible value through

the combination of quality content and superior technology.

About Learn2

Learn2 Corporation is driven to be business and governments’ preferred partner

offering interactive multimedia e-learning solutions for their employees and

customers. Learn2 provides effective online and CD-ROM training in: end-user

desktop applications, professional Information Technology (IT) software and

business skills. Learn2 also partners with clients to design customized proprietary

or industry specific content. Learn2’s engaging courseware features content

from leading subject matter experts, sound instructional design, low bandwidth

capability due to our patented delivery platform, StreamMakerâ, and support

of industry standards. Learn2 is a complete interactive learning solution provider

and our learning programs including tracking, administration and support services.

For more information please call 1-888-339-8898 or visit www.learn2.com.