LaSalle Bank Taps Pathlore For High-Tech Training Platform

October 28, 2004

For a number of financial institutions in the U.S. and abroad, the Pathlore software suite serves as a hub for training and development, especially with regard to compliance requirements. By accessing the software platform, workers can analyze their training needs and take instruction to improve their performance. The Pathlore platform also automates many of the employee development activities handled by a bank’s training department.

“With our system in place, a number of LaSalle bank’s team members can now shift their focus from being training administrators to training advisors,” said Steve Thomas, Pathlore’s chief executive. “The Pathlore learning management solution also handles the ‘commodity activities’ associated with getting people into training, things like logistics, registrations.”

Handling these commodity activities via automation means a bank’s training team is free to evaluate the effectiveness of its programs and create new, strategic training initiatives. Pathlore’s solution also facilitates instruction tied to the USA Patriot Act, Bank Secrecy Act, and Electronic Funds Transfer Act.

Without a learning management solution in place, training professionals can spend large blocks of time ensuring employees attend and understand classes on regulatory compliance. But the Pathlore solution saves trainers as much as 2,000 hours per year because the software automatically registers employees for training, launches courses and assesses the outcome of classes dealing with compliance issues.

“In today’s legal environment, the cost of non-compliance can dwarf the price of implementing an LMS like Pathlore’s to carry out this function,” said Marianne Hedin, program manager, at market-research firm IDC. “Regulatory compliance and certifications are areas that need technology assistance in quickly pulling together information from a number of sources.”

Added Pathlore CEO Steve Thomas, “More than 100 financial institutions have purchased Pathlore solutions to ensure on-demand audit reporting, deliver targeted learning and guarantee compliance with federal regulations.”

About LaSalle Bank
LaSalle Bank is headquartered in Chicago and has $65.1 billion in assets. One of the largest banks in the Midwest and second largest in Chicago, LaSalle Bank serves individuals, small businesses, middle-market companies and institutions with streamlined solutions to meet the complete scope of customers’ financial needs. LaSalle has more than 140 retail locations and 500 ATMs throughout Chicago and the suburbs, as well as telebanking to meet customers’ personal banking needs. Online banking is offered through

Parent company, LaSalle Bank Corporation, is headquartered in Chicago with $110.8 billion in assets. LaSalle Bank Corporation is a subsidiary of Netherlands-based ABN AMRO Bank N.V., one of the world’s largest banks with total assets of EUR 639.9 billion and a presence in more than 3,000 locations in over 60 countries.

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