KnowledgeNet Offers Desktop Training

April 7, 2004

KnowledgeNet® announces Live Office, an “all-access pass” to expert-led productivity skills training. Live Office provides unlimited access to a complete expert-led training schedule of live Microsoft® Outlook, Word, Access Excel and PowerPoint classes, delivered in a virtual classroom.

“Our employees value the expert-led training and the flexibility of KnowledgeNet’s Live Office,” said Maellen Langlois, Corporate Training Manager at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana.

“Live Office is an engaging alternative solution to the on-and off-site classroom training experience, and it addresses the multiple learning preferences of an organization this size,” said Ann Ford at Progress Energy.

“KnowledgeNet’s expert-led and self-paced courses have been an engaging, cost-effective way to help keep our IT employees Cisco-certified,” said Ingrid Fernandes at Motorola. “We look forward to the same type of success with Live Office throughout our organization.”

KnowledgeNet Live Office training is built on the experience of knowing that a “one size fits all” learning approach is insufficient in supporting customers’ distinct business processes and needs. Drawing upon multiple methods of learning and delivery to achieve fast, targeted outcomes, KnowledgeNet Live Office is the most effective and affordable way to improve your staff’s productivity skills without sacrificing a hands-on classroom learning experience. For the first time, learners can get unlimited access to instructor-led classroom productivity skills training from Microsoft Office experts at conveniently scheduled times — right at their desks without leaving the office.

KnowledgeNet Live Office
KnowledgeNet Live Office delivers expert, instructor-led training at scheduled class times for standard and advanced Microsoft® Office. The Live Office “All Access-Pass” provides unlimited access to a complete schedule of Excel, Outlook, Word, Access and PowerPoint classes, as well as:

· Expert-led, virtual classroom training delivered over the Internet
· KnowledgeNet Expert Express, our recorded versions of “Live” courses
· Online student guides as classroom support materials
· “Learn It Now” performance support providing searchable just-in-time training
· KnowledgeNet Campus Manager for user-friendly program administration, including learner registration, training management, and one-click reporting

“Unlimited access to expert-led classroom training is truly an industry first, and it is proof of our commitment to drive the industry to better, more cost-effective learning solutions,” said Tom Graunke, CEO and co-founder, KnowledgeNet. “By moving the classroom online, KnowledgeNet can deliver an entire year’s worth of scheduled classes for less than the cost of a single traditional classroom day. Additionally, by outsourcing this necessary but often resource-draining training, instructors are freed to tackle more mission-critical, company-specific training, while saving the organization money in help desk costs.”