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April 15, 2003

The encyclopedia details the companies, technologies, and people responsible for shaping today’s world of media, information technology, telecommunications, and broadband. New articles are added several times a week and active links in the articles to supporting Internet resources are updated regularly. The Jones Media and Information Technology Encyclopedia serves as a valuable resource for general consumers, students, employees, executives, regulators, researchers, and media.

Among the many features of the Jones Media and Information Technology Encyclopedia are:

More than 500 articles-supplemented weekly-on such topics as broadband, cable and broadcast television; satellite and telecommunications technologies; programming languages; histories of personal computers, photography, and the World Wide Web; video game development; film industry leaders and milestones; video film production; crime on the Internet; and media and communication law.

Biographies of influential figures such as Bill Gates, Michael Eisner, Steve Jobs, George Lucas, Steve Case, Ted Turner, Bob Magness, John Malone, Ralph and Brian Roberts, FCC Chairman Michael Powell, Andy Grove, Gordon Moore, Gene Amdahl, famed computer architect; Gordon Bell, developer of the minicomputer; Jack Kilby, co-inventor of the microchip; and Adam Osborne, the inventor of portable computers;

Texts of key legislation, including the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and 2003 FCC rulings and related litigation;

Up-to-the-minute media and technology news from online news services;

Dictionary – More than 3,000 terms from the Jones Cable Television and Information Infrastructure Dictionary; and

Profiles on such companies as Adobe SystemsÒ, CiscoÒ, DellÔ, AppleÒ, MicrosoftÒ, IntelÒ, AOL Time WarnerÒ, DisneyÒ, ViacomÔ, Industrial Light and MagicÔ, NetscapeÒ, Quark, XeroxÒ and the leading telecom and broadband/cable television corporations.

“At Jones Knowledge, we have leveraged nearly 40 years of experience in the cable, telecommunications, and education arenas to build the Jones Encyclopedia of Media and Information Technology,” said Heather O’Mara, president of Jones Knowledge. “It is a dynamic resource that can keep both general consumers and industry insiders up to date on the latest developments in media, IT, and telecommunications.”

The cost to access the site is $4.95 per month with the first month free, or $49.95 annually, a 20% discount from the monthly rate. Users subscribe at the site via credit card for immediate access. A free, two-week demo with limited access is available, as are group and corporate rates.

The new Web site gives special focus to such topical subjects as media giant AOL Time Warner and its top executives, the travails of cable television company Adelphia Corp., the dot-com collapse, emerging satellite and computer technologies, advances in film and video digital technologies, biographies of the computer scientists who invented the World Wide Web, plus new technology terms and definitions.

Media representatives can obtain press passwords to the site by contacting Kelly Gehrke, at

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