ITVS Presents BEYOND THE BORDER- Más Allá de la Frontera

March 27, 2002

The Independent Television Service and debuts the

companion website to BEYOND THE BORDER,

a documentary that traces the painful transition made by four sons in the Ayala

family who leave their family in Mexico to seek "una vida mejor" (a

better life) in

Kentucky, where they fight cultural, class and language barriers.

The Story

Find out about the contemporary immigrant experience through the

story of the Ayala family. Understand the complexities surrounding

their immigration experiences, including responsibility to family in

both the U.S. and Mexico, and in their community and culture.

The Brothers

Using video clips and accompanying text, learn all about the Ayala

brothers and how they struggle to adjust to their new communities

both socially and professionally. Discover how they have become an

integral part of the growing Latino community in Kentucky.

Immigration Issues

Learn the issues and challenges surrounding immigration from Mexico

to the United States, including class and language barriers, the

consequences of the Federal government’s militarization of the

American border and recent statistics on those crossing the border

each year.


Discuss issues presented throughout the site on Mexican-American

immigration, labor issues, the importance of family and more.

The Film

Learn about filmmakers Eren McGinnis and Ari Palos.


Check out extensive resource links to organizations, books, videos and articles

on immigration and border crossing issues.

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