ITFOURM paper #67 is now online

February 5, 2003

The discussion will start on Monday (Feb 10) but you may wish to look over the paper beforehand.

Here is an excerpt:

“Educationally speaking, one mouse click is not necessarily equivalent to another mouse click. A learner can click to navigate from screen to screen, to move forward or back, to access another section or function in the course, or to move from one point to another point along the path. Ideally, navigation should be intuitive; the learner should not feel lost at any time, regardless of their chosen path. Learners should click and know what to expect as a result of a click and should not be surprised or confused about where they were or where they are at any point. In such a comfort zone, the learner easily interacts with the navigation and with little explanation about how to do it.”

Hope everyone gets a chance to look over this interesting and very readable paper and join in on the discussion next Monday

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