ITFORUM Discussion Paper: “Directions in Electronic Portfolio Development”

December 1, 2002

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David will be with the ITFORUM this week (Dec 2-6) to discuss the paper and respond to your questions and comments.

An excerpt form the article:

“An example from the other perspective is evident when we ask about the impacts of a program on its graduates. For example, are candidates being well prepared to teach and lead in the schools and communities where they will find work? As we frame answers to this kind of question and ask to see products of student work that demonstrate that we are indeed meeting such a challenge, common frameworks for development and assessment of work seem to be an obvious criteria. In a public portfolio demonstrating the impact of the program, some of the strengths of the GT approach are not helpful; for example, if individual creative expression makes it difficult to determine the impact, or creates an unfair advantage or disadvantage for making that determination. Imagine assessing a lesson plan and a dance for evidence of an ability to plan instruction to meet the needs of all students. Not impossible perhaps, but such divergence soon stretches public credibility.”

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