ISOPIA World’s First in e-Learning to Go Live on SCORM

December 15, 2000

TORONTO, Canada — ISOPIA Inc., a leading provider of e- Learning infrastructure software, today announced the successful customer launch of the world’s first SCORM-supported learning management system.

Incorporating ISOPIA’s ILMS(TM) and Element K’s course content, the implementation supports the new SCORM standard and provides online training for CIBC Mortgages Inc. (CMI). Setting a landmark precedent by being the world’s first e-Learning site to go live on SCORM, ISOPIA moves into a distinct vanguard position within the e-Learning ecosystem.

“ISOPIA has the agility to respond quickly to industry opportunities and technology evolutions,” says Aditya Jha, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at ISOPIA. “While the industry focuses on refining the SCORM standard, completing trial implementation phases, and developing a certification program, ISOPIA has moved beyond the experimental stage and aggressively launched a live system on SCORM in partnership with Element K.”

SCORM, the Shareable Courseware Object Reference Model, is a set of technical specifications designed to enable re-use of Internet-based learning content across multiple environments and products. With a SCORM-compliant system, e-Learning clients are not limited to one courseware provider or content developer. For customers, this represents cost-savings and flexible growth as SCORM sets out a standard interface for Web-based learning technologies. The SCORM specifications are currently undergoing official trials by the Advanced Distributed Learning initiative launched in late 1997 by the U.S. Department of Defence (DoD) and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP).

“When we approached ISOPIA, we asked for an industry-standard system that would grow with our organization and accommodate new courseware as our training needs evolve,” explains Fariba Rawhani, Senior VP of CMI. “ISOPIA has demonstrated their commitment to meeting our needs, and proved that they are at the forefront of e-Learning by using technology that integrates SCORM compliance.”

The CMI pilot project, launched in mid-November 2000, initially addressed the training requirements of a select group of office personnel. CMI expects the system will expand to meet growing learning requirements as e-Learning isadopted across the organization.

“The ultimate test of any new standard is a live customer implementation,” states Mr. Jha. “Whenever a system is taken out of the lab environment and launched at a customer site, the real success of its functionality emerges. The CMI pilot project has proven our ILMS effectively follows the SCORM standard and will address the interoperability concerns of any organization.”

About ISOPIA Inc.

ISOPIA entered the e-Learning landscape in 1999 with the launch of its Integrated Learning Management System (ILMS(TM)), its Web-based infrastructure software. Built on Enterprise Java Beans architecture, ILMS is a flexible,

open system that allows for massive scalability and adapts to changing

learning needs and rapidly-growing user communities. ISOPIA partners with

leading technology companies such as Centra, Sun and Exodus to offer

innovative e-Learning solutions. Global enterprises, such as Marsh & McLennan

and BCE Nexxia, as well as training companies, including Element K and CDI

Education Services, are implementing ISOPIA’s applications to deliver e-

Learning programs to employees, partners and customers around the world.

ISOPIA has established an international presence with offices in North

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